5 reasons to invest in PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG is a unified network monitoring solution that enables companies to gain full visibility of their IT assets. It empowers IT staff to take control and introduce strategic measures to avoid downtime. PRTG helps you plan for the future.

Minime Downtime

Minimize downtime – the Holy Grail. PRTG increases uptime of all important IT systems by providing pro-active alerts for unusual system activity and impending potential hardware or bandwidth failures.

Save Money

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PRTG is all-in

Unlike the competition, we don’t charge you for addons or modules. We support all types of monitoring (SNMP, WMI, Flow etc.), and our integrated proprietary database means you don’t need an additional database license.

See ROI faster

PRTG helps you see ROI from your entire IT estate by relaying the health and usage of those IT products and optimizing as you go.

Better informed

You and your team will gain better visibility into IT projects, as applications are rolled out by the business.

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Our trial version comes with full functionality.

Let MPS Consultants show you the power and scope of PRTG Network Monitor in your own environment. PRTG will be able to show you the status of your entire IT infrastructure in a single dashboard. That is what unified network monitoring is all about.

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