APC UPS Trade-in 推廣優惠

Promotion Details:

  • You may trade in your old UPS(s) regardless of brand, for a new UPS(s) with atleast 2 years warranty.

  • Take advantage of additional discount offers on all APC accessories with your trade-in.

  • Upgrade to two times (2x) the VA of current model(s).

  • New UPS models are more energy efficient.

  • FREE return shipping of old battery backup unit(s).

  • APC provides proper ecological disposal and recycling of your old battery backup unit(s) - FREE of charge

Participating in APC's Trade-UPS program will help you avoid the perils of insufficient runtime and reduce the risk of unanticipated downtime. With more awards for reliability and innovation than all other UPS vendors combined, it's easy to trust APC for affordable, reliable high-performance power solutions.

Trade-UPS Rules

To participate in the Trade-UPS program, the customer must agree to the following rules:

  • Trading In a Single UPS: Customers can trade in a UPS, for a new UPS, up to two times the VA rating of the UPS being traded in. (For example, if an customer trades in a 1000VA UPS, they can purchase up to a 2000VA UPS under the this program). IMPORTANT: The VA rating of the UPS to be purchased must equal or exceed the amount of the UPS traded in.

  • At time of Trade-UPS purchase, customer can purchase a maximum of five additional items at "Trade-UPS". Additional items can only include Surge products, or UPS accessories relative to the application level of the UPS(s) that are being purchased. Trade-UPS purchases are limited to the time of initial Trade-UPS purchase, any additional items purchased after the initial Trade-UPS purchase will not be eligible for the Trade-UPS discount.

  • In the event the UPS being traded in is not returned to APC within 30 days of receipt of the new UPS, the customer shall be charged for the amount of the Trade-UPS discount.


How to Join APC Trade UPS Program?

For more information on APC Trade-UPS Program, contact us at Tel : (852) 6979 2185 and our sales representatives will assist you.

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