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User Experience

Reliable service and transformation

Internet brings people together: it builds connections, strengthens communities and sparks joy. Across industries and continents, our integrated user support services create experiences that set new standards for smart and sustainability – contributing to a happier, more creative and flexible workforce.

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Across services and countries

Who can't remember a server downtime or all files have gone? User Experience directly affects how people feel about IT Services Level – and organisations have to maximise that by offering the best IT User experience to their employees, customers and visitors. 

Hotline Consultant

Stand out as an employer


Today’s knowledge workers have high expectations when it comes to IT user experience in the workplace. Fast, stable and secure laptop with user-friendly user guide and support team can excite your people and inspire greater loyalty to your business, while also making your workplace attractive to everyone.

Maintaining high productivity

When our IT Systems work well, our business performs well. Our MPS Professional Service has a big part to play in keeping production systems stable – helping to increase uptime, reduce the risk of system error and cut the number of downtimes.


Helping clients heal


Our IT specialists understand the critical importance of balancing the budget, improve security and meeting service level and compliance needs as managed service professionals nurse clients IT system back to the optimal status. By creating menus specifically designed to address the needs of systems, healthcare professionals and visitors, we can help speed recovery and send people home feeling happier and

Keyboard and Mouse




A fresh approach to user experiences

Great IT user experiences can make people happy and increase productivity while also raising the standard for places. Our approach to IT Systems matches your need for a place that works, thinks or plans. MPS Professional Services tailor user experiences to your desired approach – and deliver the best the market has to offer.

Restaurant & takeaway

A great restaurant serves as a communal hub for your organisation – and the heart of your entire culture. Nourish your diners with healthy, freshly prepared breakfast, lunch or takeaway dinners, served by a team that cares about your people and their wellbeing.

Pop-ups & high-street partners

Bring the outside world into your workplace with pop-up or high street concept stores. Your employees and visitors will savour the variety of food concepts and bring excitement to their day – relishing the opportunity to experiment with both new and recognisable names on the global culinary scene.

Power Plant

Making the switch to a greener diet has never been easier thanks to our flavoursome plant-based food concept. With fresh, flexitarian options, we’ve created a diverse menu that aims to nourish health and minimise environmental impact.

Coffee bars

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee or tea – it brings people together and can even increase productivity. We make it quick and easy to grab a barista-brewed coffee, tea, and other drinks and snacks on the go.

Fine dining & event catering

A memorable fine dining experience or company event has the power to inspire colleagues, strengthen organisational culture and shape loyal and long-lasting customer relationships. Let us design and deliver your bespoke entertainment and catering, including high-end, professional private dining room experiences that rival the best restaurants.

Hospitality & catering

Every meeting is potentially decisive for your company. With refreshments designed and delivered for productive meetings, we’ll help you create that “wow” meeting, keeping creativity levels high and people fuelled so that decisions are never taken on empty stomachs or with tired minds.

Micro-kitchens & vending

Make it simple for your employees and visitors to grab quality refreshments and light meals on-the-go with our self-serve vending machines or micro-kitchens – a cosy kitchen setting in which to gather and recharge.  


How we’re putting plants forward

As a global company, we are dedicated to having a positive impact on sustainability. Our people are passionate champions. We’ve been developing services, like our Power Plant food service, that will help us, and our customers improve people’s health while caring for the planet.


Towards a smarter, more sustainable future 

The Hygiene Steward focuses on ensuring a safe and secure workspace for all customer employees and ensures visibility of cleaning and hygiene services across all touchpoints.






People make places

From Singapore to San Francisco, our specialists bring new and authentic food experiences to leading companies and industries – making food a core part of their workplace. Always at our high standards and delivered by people who care. We create places fit for all kinds of foodies, bringing your culture to life around memorable mealtime moments, which help diners eat right, go green and live well. 

  • Our nutritionally diverse dishes are freshly prepared, using the best seasonal produce. 

  • We recruit and develop skilled food service professionals from around the world with a passion for great food and fun experiences. 

  • We ensure the highest standards of hygiene in the industry, creating clean and safe places for people to enjoy their food and drinks.  

  • We maintain a strong, global supply chain that ensures great quality and cost and partner with future-minded experts in sustainability and nutrition – trialling the food trends of tomorrow at our innovation incubator, HATCH. 

  • We use the latest technology to make food experiences even better – for example, offering takeaway at the tap of a button, bringing food directly to the user via desk delivery service or even at home while working remotely, and using artificial intelligence to track food waste and make kitchens more sustainable.  


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