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Workspace (O365)

Connecting people, places and productivity

Connecting people and places means improving the way people communicate, innovate and collaborate. Through strategic workplace management and design – from consultation to execution – we curate experiences, make places with people’s preferences, safety and productivity in mind, and help customers win the war for talent.

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Building better workplaces and stronger cultures

The well-designed place not only attracts the right talent, but also inspires people to be more productive and keeps them healthy and safe. Working closely with you, we identify the key touchpoints in a typical working day – from people arriving at work and meeting the receptionist, to holding meetings and having lunch – and then design for optimum efficiency and well-being. 

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Attract and retain the right talent

Our people are experts at creating and maintaining productive workplaces that will strengthen your brand and increase employee engagement – helping you attract and retain the best of the best.

Boost performance with technology

We’ll help you digitality transform your workplace experience, using best-in-class workplace technologies. Our solutions range from making your buildings smarter by offering data-driven experiences through Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to simplifying how your people order services through our workplace experience app. And through our established community of start-ups and experts, we are constantly looking for the next innovation that will define the future of work.


Reducing cost, raising quality

We understand how to balance quality with efficiency, and deliver cost leadership, operational excellence and global best practices – with full transparency through our business intelligence systems.

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Make your workplace work for you

We design and deliver workplace strategies and solutions that are healthier and safer as well as more productive, sustainable and – because of our curated services – more enjoyable for your employees and visitors. Our workplace products ensure you optimise space and maximise the value of your investments – in the short and long term.  

Portfolio strategy

We’ll help you optimise your building portfolio, with strategies for how to restack, reduce, relocate or reinvent use of your assets – reducing rent, lowering rates and ensuring utility savings. 

Service design

Before designing our services we identify workplace journeys and service touchpoints to understand how we best can support your people and create the right workplace experience – adapted to your specific industry and organisational needs.  

The Mental Rebuild

By establishing new habits around how people use space, we’ll help you optimise your places – reducing the maintenance costs and carbon footprint. We use our expertise in workplace design, communication and psychology of nudging to uncover all unused resources, and without any rebuilding, transform your spaces for better use. 

Curated experience & workplace strategy

Across all offices and sites, we’ll help you create a strong, smooth and memorable workplace experience, bringing your own distinct culture to life. We architect memorable service moments which bring your business strategy, workplace design and employee needs together – ensuring people and places are truly connected.

Relocation strategy

We offer specialised lease advice to help you create a tailored relocation strategy, connecting your business and brand requirements with people, space and productivity. 


Our co-working solution – all serviced by ISS people – brings new levels of flexibility to your business. In partnership with you, we will convert free space within the office to a co-working, incubator environment, ensuring your place supports innovative co-creation while achieving substantial savings on rent and maintenance costs for the vacant areas. 

Workplace design

From ongoing improvements to COVID-19 back-to-work programmes, we design smooth, safe and efficient workplaces that meet your organisational needs and give people great opportunities to engage, perform and develop – improving recruitment and retention and increasing employee and visitor satisfaction.  

Capital projects

With insights into infrastructure data and lifecycle management combined with our comprehensive understanding of the workplace, we can manage all your building investments – from redesigning places and managing moves to introducing new technology and innovative service solutions.   


How to optimize business outcomes through workspace and service design

Changing labor demographics, increasing war for talent, low levels of employee engagement and continuous need for cost-efficiency and optimization represent just a few of the challenges business managers continue to struggle with. Workplace, when applied as a strategic tool, can secure just that.


People make places

From workplace strategies and spatial design to curating service moments on the ground, our dedicated teams combine global insights, data and exceptional service mindset to connect your people and places.  






People make places

From workplace strategies and spatial design to curating service moments on the ground, our dedicated teams combine global insights, data and exceptional service mindset to connect your people and places.  

  • Recruiting and training the best, most service-minded technical talent in the business, and empowering them to put the customer’s needs first. 

  • Offering cost-effective technical services of the highest, accredited standards, while ensuring compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations across industries and continents.  

  • Ensuring business continuity through data-enabled management and monitoring, allowing customers to manage incident reports, scheduling and processes with ease.  

  • Reducing waste and lowering environmental impact through data collection, best practice sharing, innovation and consumption reduction.  


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