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Monitoring 系統監察服務

Places that put safety, health and hygiene first

People everywhere need to know they are visiting and working in places that are clean, safe and hygienic. It’s not enough that it’s spotless. Every day, our custom cleaning services keep people healthy and safe, nurture wellbeing and shape strong and reputable workplaces – offering smart technology, best-in-class products and expertly trained people to give you peace of mind.

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People and business do better in a PURE SPACE

With PURE SPACE you not only achieve a new, higher standard of hygiene, you also get the data you need to maintain cleanliness,  troubleshoot risk of contamination and influence the right behaviour.


Cleaning places for the new normal

The world’s leading companies have turned to us for advice on cleaning and hygiene during the global pandemic. As a global organisation delivering services at the frontline, we have gathered many learnings and insights. We offer customers extensive strategic, tactical and operational know-how – together creating safe places that put people at ease, encourage productivity and support your organisation’s goals.  


Stand out as an employer


Clean, hygienic, welcoming workplaces help you boost concentration, fuel productivity and reduce stress – all of which attracts and retains talent and strengthens your reputation with visitors.

Fuel productivity


A clean and hygienic workplace can help teams reach peak focus and ensure 100% uptime by reducing the risk of malfunctions, errors or accidents – and, crucially, decrease the number of sick days.


Help patients heal


Support patients and their families on their road to recovery with clean, safe hospital environments. With healthcare housekeeping and medical equipment cleaning, our trained personnel are personally invested in helping your patients get well fast.

Enrich the travelling experience


A clean, safe airport keeps travellers healthy and happy, while spotless shopping and dining facilities play a crucial role in strengthening an airport’s reputation.





Precise cleaning that makes places shine

Clean, hygienic places demand high standards. As the world leaders in cleaning and hygiene, we are dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of your people, guests and customers. In partnership with you, we can address concerns about hygiene through knowledge-sharing, increased visibility of cleaning teams, and accurate testing and monitoring – always customised to meet your organisation’s needs.

Workplace cleaning

Our office cleaning services play a key role in shaping a positive and productive working environment for employees, guests and clients – ensuring people feel safe to focus on getting things done.  

Food hygiene cleaning

For us, healthy food goes hand in hand with clean, hygienic kitchens and dining spaces. Our specialists in cleaning for food services can ensure that your food manufacturing, restaurant or catering facilities leave people feeling happier and healthier. 

Healthcare cleaning

A hygienic hospital environment plays a vital role in lowering the risk of infections and helping patients recover. From premises and medical equipment cleaning to laundry services and more, we ensure the highest standards in hygiene in the healthcare industry. 

Hospitality and events cleaning

Whether you are hosting workplace events, conferences or other large gatherings, we’ll ensure your event space is clean, comfortable and welcoming – from start to finish.

Laboratory cleaning

From equipment cleaning to waste collection, our specialised cleaning teams are experts at ensuring your laboratories meet the highest standards – for your own business and for regulatory authorities. 


Hygiene Stewards

The Hygiene Steward focuses on ensuring a safe and secure workspace for all customer employees and ensures visibility of cleaning and hygiene services across all touchpoints.

Their role is to:

  • Be visible and support our customers when they return to their workplace, so they feel safe and secure in their own work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Operate and maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the facility while adhering to the procedures for hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, with special focus on high-touch areas during the day

  • Carry out Quality Assurance through frequent checks and technology-based testing

  • Provide and reinforce the new guidelines when customers return to their workspace

  • ‘Nudge’ and guide people — e.g. remind them to wash and sanitise their hands — ensuring they maintain social distancing, and follow company and governmental health & safety guidelines 


People make places

At ISS, we’ve got over 80 years’ experience delivering unrivalled consistency and compliance in our cleaning services, made possible by people who care. This means: 

  • Providing world-leading expertise in addressing cleaning, disinfection and hygiene during pandemics, including SARS and COVID-19.  

  • Recruiting and training the best, most service-minded cleaning talent in the business, and empowering them to put the customer’s needs first. 

  • Offering cost-effective cleaning of the highest standard, while ensuring compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations across industries and continents. 

  • Partnering with world-leading suppliers and innovators in cleaning solutions to embrace the latest innovations, including self-driving robots that reduce water and chemical use, chemical-free and plant-based detergents, and much more.  

  • Reducing waste and lowering our environmental impact by recycling, saving on energy emissions, and cutting the use of plastic, transport and packaging.


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